Assistance Plus offers a free quote - after consultation with the client, Assistance Plus will scope the client's requirements and provide a free quote detailing the estimated time of completion and costs associated with the project. Final invoices are dependant on the complexity of the project, format of the material submitted and the client's requirements.

All rates are current as at January 2018 and are subject to change at any time.

Urgent Requests

For extremely urgent requirements, discuss with Assistance Plus at the time of booking to enable us to meet desired outcome. *A surcharge may apply.

File Transmission

Electronic documents can be received via email, USB or CD. Handwritten documents can be scanned, posted or pickup arranged. Completed documents will be emailed back to you, ready for printing, saving or editing and updating by yourself if required. Hard copies can be posted, couriered, picked up or delivered.

Please review Fee Schedule for all Terms and Conditions.

Assistance Plus Fee Schedule Assistance Plus Fee Schedule

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